Life Blood Analysis

A blood sample collected from the finger-prick test is processed with a high-resolution microscope while blood cells are still alive. The objectives of live blood analysis are to analyze characteristics of the whole blood system, digestive and absorptive system, sex hormone balance, as well as the presence of antioxidants and toxic residues in the blood.

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Bio-Resonance Test

Enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques.

Biofeedback is performed using a physical checkup device with the molecular resonance imaging technology (MRIT). The patient will be asked to wear headphones after which the device will transmit a signal and transfer electromagnetic data to be analyzed.

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Food Intolerance Test

Food is an element that is essential for strengthening and repairing organs. The selection of food for consumption depends on each individual’s taste. However, some kinds of food may not be suitable or healthy for the body and immunity, and may even lead to allergic reactions. Allergies can be divided into two types: immediate reaction and non-immediate reaction.

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Hormone Profile Test

Hormones are essential for every activity of daily living, including the processes of digestion, metabolism, growth, reproduction, and mood control. Assessing a patient’s hormonal balance may be useful to addressing a wide range of conditions, such as fatigue, weight gain and depression.

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Doctor Consultation

Health assessment is performed by a team of specialized physicians who are responsible for analyzing the results of live blood analysis and biofeedback in conjunction with providing health advices. If you have a health issue or are at a high risk of a particular disease, the physicians will arrange a blood test for further treatment.

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Blood examination

A sample of blood is collected and effectively tested at a high-quality laboratory before being thoroughly analyzed to identify the cause of the health issue in an accurate and timely manner.

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